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don't buy the x4labs extender it is a big scam and doesn not work. after 4 days on the x4labs extender I had to visit the emergency room one night because I started to bleed when I went to urinate.

my doctor says there is irreversable damage to my body because i used the the x4labs extender scam. this is my complaint against the x4labs extender: STAY AWAY you have been warned by me and my doctor. i can no longer function in bed. i called x4labs extender to request a refund and they flat out refused me and said I don't qualify.

how is that possible i even paid extra for the warranty service. they are a pack of liars.

try something else and avoid x4labs fraud extender.

Monetary Loss: $395.

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Consumer Alert!

X4 Labs is a SCAM, take care of your credit cards, and don't fill out and NEVER send back that Authorization Form by e-mail, it's ID Theft!


Dont buy an www.X4LABS.com EXTENDER ¡¡! its a scamm.

it completely tore apart my ***! i X4 LABS EXTENDER broke my ***! so i took it off right away to find lesions along the head of my ***!

and these like stretchmark looking lines down the shaft... it pretty much completely ruined any chance for me to have a normal sex life..i cant even get hard anymore without it feeling uncomfortablee..i tried having sex with my girlfriend but if i tried to apply any sort of pressure it would just hurt like crazyy


Hi :)

Customer service and feedback is very important to us.

If you require any assistance regarding your order with x4labs.com or require any further information whatsoever, we are available 9am-5pm EST.

Regards, Peter

X4 Labs Customer Service



The product kept falling off, months later, I'm still waiting for my 'Guaranteed refund'. This is definitely a scam to be avoided, don't get suckered into buying this product.


yup, the x4labs extender is a very bad choice. i'm glad you all agree with me.