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Basically everything that guys are already complaining about (I wish I read this site first). The fact they openly deceive everyone by stating a local phone number and say that shipping is from your local country - that to me is just a downright lie.

X4 labs - I'm calling you out to change your dishonest advertising. If you are from Canada and ship from Canada, just say so. Why the need to lie?

Return policy - X4 Labs - I'm calling you out to explain to everyone here in easy language, about your return policy - the fine print. Please explain it to me - what is required of be to be eligible to return your product for a refund.

Certification/s - after reading some other reviews - which I started doing once I realized the first lie of you not actually shipping locally - I found no true certification for your products. You state it's Doctor approved, but I can't find one approval or certificate to back that claim, so what is it you are selling? X4 Labs, I'm calling you out to prove what YOU SAY is true, are your products genuine, are they certified, if so by what agency or approval process?

Customer service - great before the sale - non existent after the sale. Is it because I was asking about returning the product? I think so.

Clean up your act and stop with the false statements and lies. I think it's clear they are catching up with you and people are fed up.

Thumbs down X4 Labs, highly disappointed at your selling tactics.

Reason of review: False advertisement.

Monetary Loss: $300.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

X4labs Extender Cons: Poor quality, Worst service, Not doctor approved, False advertisement.

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I had much of the same problem. I returned the product and months went by with no response or refund.

PayPal stepped in and simply took the money back for me. Would never do business again with X4 Labs.

BTW, I really recommend the Penimaster Pro. I have been using for a little more than a month and its still comfortable.

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