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Ok so I have been using my X4 extender for about 3 hrs a day for over 2 months.

After this amount of time I have not gained a single mm. The product is not comfortable like they advertise, even though it has the thicker straps and mulitple support system which I paid extra for. I find when turning up the tension a bit my *** just slips out.

After looking up some others who have had similar experiences I saw this website. Now to learn X4 labs do not sell licensed or approved products, BUT say they do (at least they did when I purchased). And also reading about how people have been completely robbed of thier money and identity theft issues....I'm honestly really worried.

Has using this product caused any long term damage? Why would I not see any growth with at least 2 months of very solid use. Not looking for miracles but SOMETHING AT LEAST!? Why would they say they sell Doctor approved products when they are not. Why do so many people have issues with how they advertise and with lies etc. It all points to one thing, I feel I was scammed by X4 labs and do not even want to keep using the product because I'm worried about causing some damage or something.

I also read the other report about how the person ended up in hosptial and how it's impossible to get a refund. I'm stuck and frustrated!

I am grown man, that is right now feeling really worried. I am going to the doctor to see if he can give me some professional advice about whether I could have caused damage, trust me when I say if x4 labs products has done any damage to my *** they will very much regret it. I don;t care if I have to go to Canada myself. There will be recourse.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Monetary Loss: $300.

X4labs Extender Cons: Not doctor approved, No results after 2 months, Not comfortable, Being lied to.

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I just cried laughing from ur comment lolol true tho, most people try to cheat and crank it up tk try and junp ahead butbu gotts go slow lil bit at a time over a period of time


you do realize that in they say in the manual that you need to wear it 4-8 hours a day and not 3 hours?


Hello sir,

We are sorry if you had a negative experience with our product. When practicing penile traction therapy device it is important that you are careful and follow instructions.

That being said, we are here to offer you customer service and user support if need be.

We looked into it and we have not had an order from the region (Milan, Umbria) you posted from in the last year. Because we are industry leaders, it is not uncommon for people to end up with knock-off versions of our devices. Particularly in the UK and Australia.

We hope this is not the case.

Can you please reply with your order ID number so that we may confirm the authenticity of your order? Once we do, we will do whatever we can to help resolve your issue.

Thank you!

X4 Labs Customer Support