I ordered a device from X4 Labs. I chose them because they offer medical grade devices and have a strong reputation. I wanted to get my package quickly and was willing to pay for it. However, their website clearly states "FREE EXPRESS SHIPPING" (3-5 business days) so I decided not to opt for overnight shipping which they claim takes one or two days. BIG MISTAKE. The package actually took an ENTIRE WEEK to reach my home.

I don't get it. If you are going to offer free express shipping just be up front and state that it make take a full week. After all, it is free. This device was recommended to me by my doctor and he stated if I wanted to see results and void surgery I should begin therapy right away. If you are going to sell medical products then you should realize that time is of the essence.

I would call to complain, but it is not like they can refund me for free shipping. Anyway, just want to put this mess behind me and begin my penile traction therapy regimen.

Bottom line, if you want you device quickly like I did, pay for it.

X4labs Extender Pros: Product itself.

X4labs Extender Cons: Free shipping policy.

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"I also read similar posts you have made on every complaint here... Clearly a mental case with some kind of grudge."

Since he (and you) are both Anonymous, there is no way you could know that he has made any other posts on any other comments on this site.

Personally I think this complaint is actually a scam. I think it was posted by a rep from X4. It's a complaint about something absolutely miniscule. Who goes to the trouble of posting a complaint about a 2 day variance in the shipping time?

(and BTW 3-5 days doesn't include weekends!) There are far more compliments to X4 in the complaint than there are things to complain about and you mention a doctor prescribing it PLUS actually go to the trouble to post again to say that they refunded you money - something they have not done for anyone else with actually legitimate complaints.

And you say "don't listen to that guy 'Anonymous' he's a nut who comments negatively about X4 on all these posts". Yeah, ok.


Firstly, get a new Doctor because the one you have is an ***.

X4 Labs is a scam company and they DO NOT sell medical products. To sell medical grade products it has to be assessed and tested by some legal or government authority.

X4 Labs has no certifications or approvals, in fact when they tried to get approval from the FDA they were rejected.

Contact Canada health www.hc-sc.gc.ca and ask them if X4 labs sell real products and they will set you straight.

I can't believe your Doctor advised you to buy a non certified scam like X4 labs!

If we don't use our own brains it can get us into trouble. Don't trust Doctors, especially when they tell you you'll have to be on a medication for life!

Good luck if you try and get a refund too, it will not happen.


Ummm firstly my doctor is great. He recommended a penile traction therapy (amongst other treatments) for me to avoid surgery for Peyronie's Disease.

He said he has prescribed X4 Labs devices to many patients before and they have been successful... and not sure why you're calling them or him a scam, you likely have an ulterior motive.

X4 Labs were actually very apologetic about the shipping delay, compensated me and the package I ordered is quite satisfactory.

I actually felt obligated to come here and tell people my COMPLAINT WAS RESOLVED. And now I feel obligated to tell people that you sound like a scam yourself! Out here literally telling people not to listen to their doctors.

I also read similar posts you have made on every complaint here... Clearly a mental case with some kind of grudge.

Get a life, dude. lol

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