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X4 Labs is a very dishonest company. I used to be a supplier of thier products until they tried to rip me off. Yes, I was selling thier products and they tried to cheat someone promoting thier own products for them!

They've operated illegitimately for the entire time they've running (since 2005), first as X4 labs Inc. then I believe there was too many complaints against them and they got scared when the Fastsize *** extender scam came out in the U.S. (thier rebranded products) so they changed thier business operations to "ArlanWeb Inc" to try and distance themselves.

It seems it worked for a while, but as I've researched the FDA as well as Canada Health and also a few other government organisations are collaborating with each other in countries where they are heavily promoting X4 extender products. I think the Fastsize scam where the Feds seized over $350,000 of illegitimate and falsely advertised products will be nothing in comparison to when things catch up with X4 labs or ArlanWeb Inc I should say.

The reviews on X4 labs here are not new and have been happening since 2005, credit card and I.D theft, the numerous false claims and devious advertising cons, the below standard workmanship and quality of the products, incomplete orders, getting charged for multiple orders, the next to impossible return policy (which by the way if you do by some miracle tick all the boxes and send back the product, most never hear from the company again so they are out of the money they spent, and the substandard products that got shipped to them)- it goes on and on etc.

It became too much knowing we were helping a company like this to operate and when they even ripped us off that was the final straw.

ArlanWeb Inc or X4 Labs - whatever you want to call yourselves, when you rip people off so much and for so long, this is the result.

Reason of review: Dishonest Frauds.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

Preferred solution: Formal apology and compensation as well as full refund..

X4labs Extender Cons: Fraudulent activities, Worst service, False advertisement.

  • Arlanweb Inc
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