I ordered a deluxe edition *** extender device from them but wanted to make sure I got maximum tension so i upgraded the springs set for 10 bucks. When I got my package i only got one set of springs. Basically i payed for two and only got one. I dont even know if they were the default deluxe springs or the upgraded ones because i have nothing to even compare them to.

Since than i called to complain and they said they would ship them out but 10 days later i havent received them. Called again and they said they have been shipped and to be patient BUT they could not gimme a tracking #

Fact is i should have gotten them with my original order

feels like they just took my 10 dollars for nothing. Just because something doesnt costs much it doesnt mean it is not important to me ( the customer who payed for it ).

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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I tried the stronger tension springs and can confirm it's not true. More tension DOES NOT equal more or faster gains.

What the other guy said about your growth getting slowed down is 100% right. I had to remove the springs and completely stop using for 1 month before I could start seeing the usual (slow but steady) gains. I didn't buy x4 labs product by the way, I only used their upgrade tension springs in a homemade device I made myself (yes I know crazy right? lol).

If X4 labs they are selling these as a promise to get you a bigger ***, faster, it's a pure lie (they didn't advertise or say that for me to buy them, I have to make that clear).

I suppose it was just assumed on my part, I don't know why I bought them to be honest, they had them with their "maximum results best package" and an optional upgrade etc. so I figured they must be the goods. Wrong.

But hey don't take my word for it, waste the time and money for yourself to prove it. This is just my say.


The "upgraded" tension springs that X4 labs offers is a fraud and scam.

These guys don't even sell properly certified products and it shows. I have asked many, many questions while shopping around for a good *** extender and when I asked about increased tension etc, the legitimate companies came back to me about the max tension that should be used and that is no more than 1500 grams because if you go over that it has the reverse effect, that is, you will not grow because your *** will get "shocked" or over stressed by too much tension so the growth becomes very slow or doesn't happen at all.

It seems X4 labs has gone the way of the novice and simply figured they'll introduce "something new" like "upgraded springs" but not even realizing themselves that it would only serve to slow progress. They obviously have not had their products tested in proper trials because of they did they too would know any tension over 1500 grams is counter-productive to *** enlargement.

I wonder how many people have given up on the process because the results they were getting from these scam springs were slow or non existent?


You're seriously complaining about $10?

Try paying for an order an never recieving it then veing lied to and ignored!

Not saying they didn't scam you, obviously they did but seriously man you got off easy, consider yourself lucky.

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