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I bought this device and it was shipped directly from china even though the rep on the phone told me it was shipped from Canada. The label had all Chinese writing and the senders address was Chinese as well. I feel like this company lied to me and they charged me a premium for Chinese products. I complained and requested my money back, they went radio silent. So no I'm stuck with a product made from china but sold as made in the USA. I... Read more

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I ordered an X4 Labs extender in October of this year (Order #5424) and when i got it i realized that the package i got had too many bells and whistles so i decided to refund it to get a simpler package. I requested a refund in the way they asked, and followed all the directions in their automated email they sent me. I sent back the Extender on October 27th and today is November 21st and still have yet to receive a single cent for my refund and... Read more

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Iv been using x4labs for 8 months now and they clam id be bigger doubling your size in 6 months. Instead iv lost an inch, its sad when you wating for your wife to notice its growing but instead tells you its getting smaller. Iv called them fallowing there directions still dont work. I would pay for surgery be a lot less painful and work that's what I'm doing next. Read more

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I placed an order for spare parts, which are very expensive, it's been a week , I hate I trusted them, I got an extender from them 4 years ago, services was fast a good, but now they do not respond to phone calls or emails if you are concerned about an order, my order number is 3983, however I fear I have lost this one, so I am here to warn others, beware! Read more

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I got an email today from this site informing me it's been 6 months since I posted this, 6 months! And I still have yet to hear back from x4 about my refund! This is ridiculous because it's been two years since I've owned the product and it's coming up to two years since I was suppose to be refunded! With that being said, I'll probably get some excuse like it's still processing, granted it's been a LONG time, or someone will contact you. I... Read more

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I bought a Deluxe Extender from X4Labs and they promised to deliver within 6 days. I placed my order on the 20th April, 2016 and I expected an email with parcel tracking details as promised, its now over a month nothing has come through. Even that parcel tracking number has not been sent to me, which means the parcel has not been dispatched. I have written a couple of emails to them, inquiring about my parcel, but they just don't respond to my... Read more

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X4 labs sucks I have one but I never got to use it because it's too complicated to used and uncomfortable it's been more than a year and I only used it once. I don't recommend this product I totally wasted my money. Jhon alberto Read more

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Over a year ago, I purchased the X4 Extender and completed their clinical trial, submitted my results, not once, not twice, but three times!!! Every time I submitted my trial papers, I never hear back from the company, resulting in me having to call in. Every time I call in, I get told that they never received the documents. Till this day I am still waiting for my refund, however, I did stop calling because it has gotten too frustrating. I... Read more

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x4labs claims that it is safe to try the extender because of the 1 year guarantee they are supposed to give. The reality is different. They make it as hard as possible to qualify for a refund, and when you do they subtract a lot of money for processing, restocking, shopping fees and parts that are missing (and of course there will be after trying things out). When you are not satisfied with what you receive, even apart from the results, then... Read more

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I ordered a Premium Edition Extender from X4. It arrived rather quickly but I am still having difficulty understanding how to use the device exactly. I work during the day while the customer service line is available so I really can't call in. I have gone back and forth with customer service and they are trying to help me but at this point I feel pretty discouraged. Before ordering I did do my research about this type of therapy but had no idea... Read more

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